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CX European champion Chiara Teocchi tops the Italian Champs
08 january 2017
Team Bianchi Countervail's athlete won the Women Under 23 series in Silvelle di Trebaseleghe
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The queen of Europe conquers Italy too. After the victory at CX European champs in Pontchateau, Team Bianchi Countervail's Chiara Teocchi topped the CX Italian Championships' Women Under 23 series in Silvelle di Trebaseleghe (Italy) on Sunday, January 8th. Equipped with Zolder disc, the 20-year-old from Bergamo preceded Silvia Persico e Rebecca Gariboldi.
Tailgated for the whole race by Persico, Teocchi tried to speed the pace in the final part of the third lap, before losing some seconds because of a slip. Chiara was able to close the gap and to overwhelm her rival on the final steps, achieving a three-meter advantage she was able to keep until the finish line.
"Today it wasn't easy at all. I knew Silvia Persico as one of my main opponents - Chiara Teocchi explained - and we challenged for the success until the winning post. I managed to make a difference on the final steps,  thanks to my experience. Finally, what's the most important is winning, no matter the gap: I managed to achieve another important goal of my CX season".
In Silvelle di Trebaseleghe, Teocchi clinched her sixth Italian champion's individual title: three in cyclocross (2012, 2014 and 2017), two in cross country (2014 and 2016) and one in the Eliminator (2014). "Once again I wish to thank my team: they allow me to compete both in the XC and CX seasons, always equipped with best-quality materials". Chiara also won three Italian Team Relay titles in career.
The rider launched by team managers Andrea Ferrero and Massimo Ghirotto enjoys another golden day, without losing sight of the next goals: "Now I can focus on the late season's dates: the last World Cup's two rounds and the World Champs, where I aim to top-level performances, establishing myself in high positions".