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Team Bianchi Countervail signs Xplova as new sponsor
09 june 2017
Bianchi official MTB team’s riders empowered by revolutionary cycle-computer with integrated camera
Bianchi + Team MTB + Product
Team Bianchi Countervail welcomes a new prestigious partner by signing a two years sponsorship deal with Xplova - Acer’s manufacturer company of premium outdoor cycling computers headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan). Xplova breaks into the MTB World at the world class level providing Bianchi’s bikers Stephane Tempier, Chiara Teocchi and the Junior Team with its innovative X5 smart device, the first cycle computer in the world engineered with GPS system and integrated video camera. Xplova, whose logo will be featured on both sides of Team Bianchi Countervail racing jersey, will benefit from Bianchi riders’ professional feedbacks to further develop and enhance products and functions.
A highly-innovative bike computer that unites functionalities related to different tools so far. X5 is the first ever bike computer featuring an integrated wide-angle camera: besides the advanced GPS function and real-time performance data (including metrics like cadence, heart rate, speed, distance) on the 3” touchscreen display. the record can be started either manually or automatically, based on user’s settings like speed or heart rate. Another unique feature of X5 is the opportunity to be constantly connected through the 3G technology, with the integrated microSIM, or WiFi: users can upload and download information in real time, and even share videos on the social networks directly thanks to the Smart Editing function.
Moreover, Xplova X5 can sync and store the favorite routes also in the platform and the “Moment” mobile app: the SmartSign™ Guidance gives riders accurate directions at every junction, while keeping on top of the upcoming Smart Sign (point of interest), such as distance to the next climb, the next feed zone etc.
Eric Lee (Xplova Founder): “Partnering with Team Bianchi Countervail Team is a big part of our strategy to establish the Xplova brand and X5 in the sport at the highest level. We think X5 brings a significant deal of innovation to the table, and we look forward to the feedbacks and contribution of the Bianchi Countervail’s athletes to further develop our device and make it the definitive product for riders at any level. We look at this as the start of a long-term and successful partnership: we wish to thank the Team and President Felice Gimondi for the valuable opportunity of cooperating with a global reality like Team Bianchi Countervail.” 
Massimo Ghirotto (Bianchi Countervail Team Manager): “We are proud and honoured of partnering with Xplova. Xplova X5 is a unique device, different than any other I have used in the past. It’s a powerful and accurate tool, extremely valuable for both training and racing, and it’s also fun in the way it allows to create and share videos, manage and display group activities. To include this new tool in our working methods will be really interesting and we’re happy that Xplova chose our team to take their innovation in MTB world” 
Chiara Teocchi (Team Bianchi Countervail rider): “The new X5 is actually amazing. In addition to all the features of top-end bike computers for training, it allows to record short videos without adding a camera or other supports, and to share them on the social networks. I’m enjoying it and I think it will further contribute to our team building. We are looking forward to cooperate with Xplova to help develop the product even further.”