Pista Sei Giorni


Pista Sei Giorni

Pista Sei Giorni

Bike tech specs

  • color

    KW - Black/CK matt

  • sizes

    530 550 570 590 610

  • frame

    Bianchi Pista Alu, size: 49-51-53-55-57-59-61-63cm

  • fork

    Bianchi 1.1/8" Alu/Carbon

  • headset

    Fsa Orbit CE Plus, 1.1/8"

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Pista/Fixed Gear

In the US the messengers bikes started being a “cool” factor to kids who were growing out of skateboarding. Also in Europe it has become fashionable as life style. Track bikes for track use that are sold for urban use.

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