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Sponsorship deal with Women Pro Team Giusfredi extended
28 november 2016
The renewed Team Bianchi Giusfredi will consist of nine young riders, eight Italians and one from Israel
Bianchi + Team Road + Product
Bianchi confirms its presence in women’s professional cycling by extending its sponsorship deal with Team Giusfredi Bianchi also for 2017. The renewed Team Bianchi Giusfredi will consist of nine young riders, eight Italians and one from Israel. 
Former professional rider and World Champion Edita Pucinskaite is Team Manager, with Giuseppe Lanzoni and Roberto Rossi as sports directors. For 2017, Bianchi will equipe Team Giusfredi Bianchi with Oltre XR1 model, a well-balanced fast road bike with aero profiles, good rigidity and handling from the ultimate Oltre frame platform. Each rider will be also supported with Bianchi's integrated race equiment, consisting of top-of-the-range helmets engineered by Lazer and Bianchi performance eyewear.
"Bianchi appreciates the incredible input we receive from the Team for our woman cycling development program. Women represent a significant market for Bianchi and it is important to understand the specific product requirements they may have. Additionally, we think it is necessary to support women's cycling and Team Giusfredi Bianchi provides an excellent opportunity and example for all women" Bianchi CEO Bob Ippolito explains.
Team Giusfredi Bianchi will take part in all the main International and Italian one-day and stage races of the UCI international calendar.
"We've decided to rely on a young and motivated group for the next season, creating a new team with high upside for the future. We are coming off two successful seasons and we want to thank Bianchi for their renewed support to our project. We look forward to start the upcoming season with renewed passion, confidence and humility" Team Giusfredi Bianchi's Marco Luchi commented. 
Team Giusfredi Bianchi 2017 roster: Elena Pippi, Simona Bortolotti, Michela Balducci, Giorgia Fraiegari, Vania Canvelli, Chiara Perini, Victoria Zavalloni, Omer Shapira and well-known former ice skater Daniela Dumitru.