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Fontana, Colledani and Teocchi to tackle a full week-end in Italy
07 décembre 2017
Team Bianchi Countervail’s trio will ride Zolder disc at Ciclocross del Ponte in Faè di Oderzo and Trofeo Città di Gorizia  
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Team Bianchi Countervail’s cyclo-cross specialists will compete twice in next two days. Elites Marco Aurelio Fontana and Nadir Colledani and Under 23 Chiara Teocchi will enter the 16th Ciclocross del Ponte in Faè di Oderzo on Friday, December 8th and 13th Trofeo Città di Gorizia in Gorizia on Saturday, December 9th, both in Northern Italy.
On Friday, Teocchi will ride her Zolder disc in the Women Open race to start at 2.00 pm, whilst Fontana and Colledani will be warming up for the Men Open race (3.00 pm). On Saturday, Women will start at 1.40 pm and Men at 2.40 pm.
"We are ready to join two important events of our CX seasonal schedule. Ciclocross del Ponte and Trofeo Città di Gorizia are two prestigious opportunities to fight with our rivals and take forward the work program in view of the main international appointments” Team Bianchi Countervail’s manager Massimo Ghirotto explained.
Bianchi supplies the team with two high end carbon MTB models with racing geometry: the revolutionary Methanol CV and Methanol 29.1 FS (full suspension). The Junior Team is equipped with Methanol 29 SX model. Team Bianchi Countervail also ride Zolder disc in the cyclo-cross season.