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Bianchi's CV and vintage models at Eroica Hispania
01 june 2018
The new Oltre XR3 and Nitron will take center stage in the Festival area together with the steel Bianchi-L’Eroica bike
Bianchi + Product
First Montagu (South Africa), then Paso Robles (California), Buonconvento and Montalcino's hills in Tuscany and Kustatsu (Japan). Now the Eroica's vintage fashion is ready to meet Spain in the Eroica Hispania, to be held in Cenicero (La Rioja) on Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd-3rd. A peloton of over 850 riders of any level, ready to dive into the authentic atmosphere of vintage cycling.
Inspired by classic cycling, the Eroica Hispania Festival will take place along Calle de la Victoria and Plaza Dr. San Martín. In addition to the famous "Bianchi-l'Eroica" steel bike, Bianchi will display in the expo area a selection of gravel models and highend Road and MTB bikes.
Bianchi will showcase the following models: 
•    L'Eroica
•    Oltre XR3
•    Infinito CV Disc
•    Impulso Allroad
•    Impulso E-Road
•    Nitron 
Opening time
•    Saturday, June 2nd: starting from 11.00 am
•    Sunday, June 3rd: starting from 11.00 am