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Bianchi introduces Road and Offroad new models
13 july 2018
Bianchi adds new high-end carbon models to its CV System-engineered range
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Innovation and marginal gains, design and aerodynamics. Road and MTB, muscular and assisted, with optimized performance always at center: Bianchi introduces its new high-end models engineered with Bianchi CV vibration cancelling system, using Countervail’s unique fiber architecture and viscoelastic resin. 

With the new Oltre XR4 Disc, Bianchi’s leading aero design meets upgraded disc braking performance to the deliver the superior aero road experience.
Oltre XR4 Disc aero road bike is engineered with the Bianchi CV vibration cancelling system (using Countervail® unique carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic resin), with a dedicated tuning to provide maximized aero advantage and control at high speeds.
The Bianchi engineers used Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), to refine and optimize every aspect of the Oltre XR4 frameset, to ensure the new XR4 Disc is a masterpiece of aerodynamic design. 

Aero efficiency is key to the Oltre XR4 Disc, and this extends to the new Metron 5D ACR aero handlebar featuring fully-enclosed cable routing through the handlebar itself and stem - for the hydraulic brake hoses and the gear cables.
The new Bianchi Infinito CV Disc carbon bike is the ultimate choice for long rides - pro races or granfondo events. Designed to be faster and smoother, the new Infinito CV with disc brakes is built for endurance.
Longer chainstays help smooth the ride, and a taller aero headtube gives the rider a low-stress neck position, enhanced by Countervail’s vibration cancelling capacity. The specific CV tuning process reduces rider’s muscle fatigue and increases control for a better overall performance, especially on bumping roads and cobblestone sections.
The new Infinito CV Disc has been engineered to be also more aero by using a new integrated-look carbon seatpost. The bike is also compatible with Metron 5D aero handlebar for those who want a special touch to the sleek overall aesthetic of the new model.
When riding long distances with extended time in the saddle, larger volume tyres are the answer. The Infinito CV Disc is compatible with tyres up to 32mm. High-volume tyres add extra grip, comfort and control, without affecting rolling efficiency, or speed.
Bianchi renews the Methanol CV range with the introduction of the new RS and S versions, both engineered with Bianchi CV System and designed to be a new advantage in cross country mountain bike racing.
Engineered with Bianchi CV System, using Countervail®’s unique carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic resin, Methanol CV RS and S deliver total “After-Shock Control” by eliminating vibrations that pass through the suspension after impact and from trail buzz.
Methanol CV RS
 It has been engineered to be the best XCO and XCM racing machine, without compromises, with a new 940gr frame.
Geometry has been optimized to respond to the new faster, rougher race tracks by adding a longer reach and a slacker head tube angle. Improved clearance in the chain-stays allows to accomodate larger tyres up to 58mm width in wet, muddy conditions.
The Methanol CV RS is now 1x drivetrain specific.
Methanol CV S
With Methanol CV S version, Bianchi extends the availability of the world-famous Methanol frame platform, engineered with Bianchi CV System. The Methanol CV in its S version shares the same family feeling of the RS model, designed for the most demanding bikers.
Like the RS version, Methanol CV S frame is designed to accommodate larger tyres up to 58mm width.
Bianchi's latest releases are completed by Aria e-Road, new high-range e-bike model officially disclosed a few days ago.
Aria e-Road aero carbon bike, engineered with Bianchi's Inner Power Drive system, is the perfect solution to the demands of genuine road riders all over the World: to have the look and feel of traditional, pure high-performance, race-bred road riding, with powerful electrical assistance in the background – only when needed.