25 Novembre 2022

Bianchi punta sul progetto Cassani con il Team Technipes #InEmiliaRomagna

Siglato un accordo pluriennale tra Bianchi ed il progetto Continental ideato da Davide Cassani, con l’obiettivo di lanciare nuovi talenti e sostenere il movimento ciclistico italiano

Italian cycling is getting a reboot from talented youngsters with one of the most iconic brands in world cycling by its side. This is the vision of the Team Technipes #inEmiliaRomagna project, which Bianchi has chosen to support for the 2023 season.

This project, developed by Davide Cassani, uses the UCI Continental category as a benchmark for building a high-level development program to be able to offer young Italian talent the chance to compete with professionals in the most important races of the Italian and international calendars. Distinguished by Made in Italy excellence and an iconic brand of Italian and international cycling, Bianchi sees an opportunity in Team Technipes #InEmiliaRomagna to support the relaunch of the Italian cycling movement through the development of new emerging athletes.

The multi-year agreement with Team Technipes #inEmiliaRomagna is a concrete sign that Bianchi wants to launch Italian cycling into the future. We want to develop this project, which brings with it the vision and credibility of Davide Cassani. We are convinced that the potential exists to grow and create a superior standard for our movement,” said Bianchi CEO Fabrizio Scalzotto.

Thanks to Team Technipes #inEmiliaRomagna, Bianchi will have a real development team to test technical solutions and materials designed for the racing world. The Continental line-up will compete with the Oltre XR4 and the Aquila for time trials. The team’s bikes will be equipped with the new V50R wheels and Mitora saddle, high-performance products by Velomann – Bianchi’s brand dedicated to cycling components and accessories.

Team Technipes #inEmiliaRomagna aims to allow emerging athletes to participate in the most important Italian and international races dedicated to this category. Athletes are put at the heart of the project to grow and improve, and to test themselves against their foreign peers and professionals. By strengthening the team management and partnering with Bianchi, one of the world’s most important and innovative companies, we believe we can grow further,” said Davide Cassani, the mastermind of the project.

Composed of twelve athletes (six elite and six under-23), the team will start the 2023 season on February 25 at the Coppa San Geo.

Bianchi technical equipment:

  • SRAM Red eTap AXS drivetrain
  • Velomann V50R wheels
  • Vision time trial wheels
  • Reparto Corse cockpit by Vision/FSA (for Oltre XR4 and Aquila)
  • Pirelli tyres
  • Velomann Mitora saddles
  • Elite water bottles and bottle cages
  • Garmin cycle computers
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