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Grimaldi named Knight of Labor in Italy: "Ready for new challenges"
05 june 2019
Bianchi’s owner stands among the entrepreneurs awarded by Italian Republic President, Sergio Mattarella
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Bianchi’s owner Salvatore Grimaldi, Grimaldi Industri AB founder and CEO, stands among the 25 new Knights of Labor (Cavalieri del Lavoro) named by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Born in 1945, landed in Sweden with his family at age 7, Grimaldi is a pragmatic but romantic-spirited businessman who built a true engineering emperor with an old dream in mind, one that he would eventually fulfill: acquiring Bianchi, the most famous bike industry in the World. Founded in Milan in 1885, currently based in Treviglio (Italy), Bianchi sells today in more than 60 countries, in every Continent.
“It’s a big and important honor for me to be named Knight of Labor: I’m proud to have contributed to the growth and the achievements of the Italian industry, as well as further empowering Bianchi historical brand both in Italy and abroad” Salvatore Grimaldi commented. Grimaldi was the only abroad-based entrepreneur to be named Knight of Labor in 2019.
Grimaldi’s career started with technical studies and the job experience at Volvo in Stockholm. In late 60s, the entrepreneur from Taranto (Italy) started working for his own, opening a garage where to restore cars’ pistons. His strategy in 80s was to buy and then to heal distressed assets.
Grimaldi entered the biking sector in 1997, acquiring Peugeot and Bianchi brand from Piaggio, and in a few months he celebrated the success at Giro d’Italia and Tour de France with the uprising champion Marco Pantani, just signed. Style and innovation are Bianchi’s core beliefs. Today, after revolutioning the world of cycling with the introduction of Bianchi CV vibration cancelling system, Bianchi’s new phase is focused on e-bikes: ““This is our new challenge, and we are about to launch a dedicated range featuring 16 new models"