Bianchi e-Oltre: il puro piacere della strada

There are many reasons why one might want an e-road bike. Some choose it to conquer climbs that are too challenging, some to explore routes far from home, while others opt for an e-road bike to ride with more fit friends.

Whatever the motivation, the new Bianchi e-Oltre is designed to provide the same pure joy and sensations as a traditional road bike by offering a riding experience comparable to a human-powered bicycle. The result is an e-road bike designed for performance, speed and fun, making it almost easy to forget the presence of its electric motor.

With its clean and essential design, it’s almost impossible to distinguish the e-Oltre from a traditional road bike. With an overall weight of only 11kg in the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 version with full carbon fiber frame and fork and 50mm carbon fiber wheels, the new e-Oltre allows you to fully enjoy the road cycling experience


Thanks to a collaboration with Mahle, Bianchi’s new e-road bike is equipped with the innovative Mahle X30 rear hub motor.

This solution not only ensures optimal aesthetics but guarantees a greater riding experience that’s closer to a traditional bicycle thanks to a perfectly integrated motor-battery system. The Mahle X30 motor’s innovative torque sensor gives the e-Oltre an impressive level of reactivity to instantly match your efforts.

The Mahle iX2 battery has a capacity of 250Wh, with an aftermarket range extender option that attaches to the bike’s second water bottle mount. Thanks to its fast-charging properties, it takes less than two hours to charge the battery to 75 percent.

The e-Oltre offers three different levels of assistance, with a maximum range of 90km, to which an additional 55km can be added with the battery extension. The assistance level is managed by the controller integrated in the top tube, or by the remote shifters on the drop-bar.  The system features ANT/BLU compatibility for viewing ride data.


The e-Oltre is offered in Bianchi’s classic Celeste color with metallic Celeste accents and the Bianchi logo in black on the down tube.

The e-Oltre is available in three versions: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and Ultegra Di2 electronic groupsets with full internal cable routing, or Shimano 105 mechanical with semi-integrated cables. All versions are equipped with Velomann Plutonium 50mm carbon fiber wheels.

The E-Oltre is available for the following suggested retail prices:

  • E-Oltre Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 (weight 11 kg): € 9,999
  • E-Oltre Shimano Ultegra Di2 (weight 11.5 kg): € 6,499
  • E-Oltre Shimano 105 (weight 12 kg): € 4,999
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