Il nostro impegno

Bianchi contro la contraffazione

All the bicycles and the frames from Bianchi are the result of advanced research and meet the worldwide distribution after an accurate development process.

The expertise acquired in more than 130 years of history and victories in the most prestigious cycling competitions makes Bianchi a benchmark in style, design and technology but at the same time expose its products to the unpleasant problem of counterfeiting.



Bianchi takes counterfeiting very seriously and takes legal action against any persons, stores, or websites that sell counterfeit Bianchi products.

Bianchi combats forgery by collaborating with various companies.
Primary objectives is prevention, namely trying to identify and block adverts and relative online sales of false Bianchi bicycles and frames.

Counterfeit products do not fit our strict policy about quality and rider’s safety and openly breaks European Standards.

Several false frames have been analyzed through the most elementary of resistance testing. The results showed worrying structural failures that can cause serious damage and / or death to the rider.

A false frame steals the know-how of our product responsible offices and is an offence prosecuted by law.

  • Buy only from Bianchi Bike Stores or from authorized dealers
  • Check the reliability of the website and/or the seller before buying. Forgers mainly operate on line, via ecommerce websites and online auctions. 
  • Beware of massive discount or price-cut
  • Check the warranty. Bianchi offers a worldwide 5 years warranty on its frames