4 Novembre 2022

Bianchi rinnova la filiale negli USA

Dan Delehanty è il nuovo Country Manager di Bianchi USA, con l’obiettivo di rafforzare il posizionamento del marchio negli Stati Uniti in sinergia con la strategia global marketing di Bianchi. Dal 1° dicembre la filiale americana avrà anche una nuova sede a Monterey

Bianchi continues its international development by renewing its Bianchi USA branch and strengthening its physical presence in North America. Dan Delehanty has assumed the role of Country Manager, and will report to Fabrizio ScalzottoChief Executive Officer of Bianchi and director of Bianchi USA.

As part of the total restructuring of FIV Bianchi Spa, which is headquartered in Italy, we’ve decided to reorganize the distribution strategy in the USA both in terms of production and distribution. Our desire is to be as close as possible to our retailers and consumers; this is what’s driving our change,“ explained Fabrizio Scalzotto, CEO of Bianchi.

With more than ten years of experience in the cycling industry, Dan Delehanty will drive Bianchi’s efforts in the U.S. market, which will be focused on consolidating the brand’s positioning in the high-end segment, particularly in road racing and gravel, and on pursuing opportunities in the e-bike market with the Bianchi Lif-E project. Bianchi has added Gavin Murray as Marketing Supervisor to the new US structure where he will be in charge of developing and executing marketing strategies.

Bianchi’s history is well known, but we are focused on the future, and the vision is clear. Bianchi is committed to racing high-performance frames and components with Reparto Corse, expanding our gravel line-up, and to offering a full range of innovative E-bikes under our trademark Lif-E.  We are very excited about the move to Monterey, home of the Sea Otter Classic and great road, mountain, and gravel riding,” said Dan Delehanty.

The renovation of Bianchi USA also includes a new headquarters in Monterey, California, which will be operational starting December 1, 2022.

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