7 Dicembre 2022

Casa Bianchi: il nuovo libro di Bianchi

Questo libro, alla sua prima edizione, racchiude alcuni dei nostri prodotti, momenti e sensazioni preferiti dell’anno passato.

Honour the seasons of Bianchi in our new book, presenting the highlights from the past year for your enjoyment. In Casa Bianchi we celebrate the passion, the history and the bicycles themselves with carefully selected memories and highlights. We invite you to share a tour through our home from the comfort of yours.

Pore over previously unseen images of our range of performance road bicycles, the Oltre RC and the Specialissima. Take a trip off-road and revel in the world of gravel with the Impulso Pro and Arcadex and honour the greatest of the Grand Tours and home of Bianchi, the Giro d’Italia, with imagery filled with passion and reflection.

Explore the history of Bianchi, encompassing the prestige behind the world-famous Celeste colour that has adorned our bicycles throughout time. From Coppi to Gimondi, their bikes enrobed in the iconic paint, a colour that has stood the test of time.

We also look forward in time, to concepts of the future. As the brand is modernised and brings with it the flair and design of Italy but with the technology and concepts of electrification. Discover Nico Rosberg, living his life to the fullest aboard the range of Bianchi Lif-E bikes and how they can empower your riding.

‘Casa Bianchi’ is available to purchase on Bianchi.com

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