A new vision

Bianchi Lif-E

Electric intelligence

Welcome to Bianchi Lif-e the new world of Bianchi Electric Intelligence where we combine innovation and inspiration to deliver a new electric mobility and life-style.

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    Our mission
  • Make the world a better place to live

    We want to make the world a better place, enhancing the way people already live and steering a brighter course for the future. E-bikes are integral to that mission.

  • a community of innovators

    We have partnered with some exceptional individuals, positive innovators and forward-thinkers – people we feel inhabit the new word of Bianchi LIF-E. These are just the founding members of a global community.

  • Create a new life-style

    LIF-E is a transhumanist project. We believe the future lies not with humans and machines, but a new world of human-machine interface. We are dedicated to enhancing that connection. We want to improve the e-riding experience through new design and functionality.