Reparto Corse Manifesto

Reparto Corse is Bianchi’s racing department, where engineering and innovation meet passion and brilliance. It’s these foundations and our philosophy that threads the entire Bianchi story together, allowing us to weave Reparto Corse into our future.

A future of game-changing bikes.

Our mission

Excellence and innovation have been at the forefront of Bianchi’s ethos since the 1800s and that’s still true today. At Reparto Corse, this determination to push boundaries is even more focused, bringing athletes the best in race technology through cutting-edge bikes and components.

Because we put the athlete at the heart of our process, we create radically different machines that work flawlessly in combination with their riders.

The sum becomes greater than its parts.


Our roots lie in racing. As founder Edoardo Bianchi said, ‘The best way to test a product is to race with it.’ This idea has stayed with us since 1885, only our methods have changed.



Reparto Corse is where the Bianchi racing machines of tomorrow are engineered. We combine innovation and craftsmanship with human-focused design, keeping the athlete at the centre of everything we do in the pursuit of performance excellence.



Fuelled by an obsession with cycling and achieving boundary-pushing results, Reparto Corse is not only a department of the Bianchi business but the embodiment of our customers’ mindsets.



Bianchi has always supported and developed some of the best athletes in the sport, working with them in lasting and fruitful collaborations. Through feedback and dialogue, we work with our athletes to develop the race-winning machines and pioneering parts that are ultimately passed on to our customers.


With Oltre Bianchi started from scratch to create an unprecedented aero bike.
It’s a project developed by Reparto Corse that marks a turning point for the brand.
The new Oltre family represents the first complete frame/component platform designed and manufactured entirely by Bianchi.