Warranty Policy


This Conventional Warranty on the Bianchi frame is provided in addition to the legal warranty.

Therefore, this Conventional Warranty does not in any way intend to limit, exclude or prejudice the consumer’s right to benefit from the legal warranty provided by applicable law.


The conventional warranty on the Bianchi frame is provided for 5 years from the date of delivery of the frame itself, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  • The frame must be new (therefore it must not be used or second hand).
  • The frame must be part of the Bianchi range and have been purchased from one of the authorised Bianchi retailers listed on the website www.bianchi.com or from authorised online retailers (hereinafter briefly referred to as “Authorised Retailers”)
  • The buyer must provide proof of purchase of the frame;
  • The buyer must provide proof of electronic registration of the frame, either by scanning the QR code on the frame itself (near the bottom bracket/engine area) or through the website www.bianchi.com under “Register your Bianchi”;
  • The buyer must verify the purchased frame with the Bianchi Retailer before taking possession of it, to ensure its compliance with expectations and/or the presence of any visible defects. The completed registration confirms that the aforementioned compliance verification has been carried out with the Bianchi Retailer and that the Product has been received in perfect condition and ready for use, complete with the relevant User Manual(s).
  • The frame must be used in accordance with the intended use stated in the relevant User Manual
  • The buyer must have maintained the frame in proper condition according to the instructions in the User Manual, and any technical interventions must be carried out by specialised personnel belonging to the network of retailers.
  • The applicant for warranty service, under this Conventional Warranty, must be associated with the purchased product.
  • The technical expertise to be carried out at the Bianchi laboratory must confirm the original defect of the frame.

It is also specified that the services in execution of this Conventional Warranty will be provided exclusively through the Retailer where the buyer purchased the frame and/or where the frame was assembled on the Bianchi bicycle. To this end, the buyer must contact the aforementioned Retailer.


In the event that, during the validity period of the Conventional Warranty, the frame requires repair due to an original defect, the buyer must immediately contact the Bianchi Retailer where the frame was purchased and/or assembled on a Bianchi bicycle, describing the problem encountered and having it examined, bringing with them the proof of purchase and confirmation of registration of the purchased Bianchi product.

The intervention under the Conventional Warranty may be carried out exclusively through the Retailer where the frame was purchased and/or assembled. In all cases of purchase from a Retailer where the latter is unable to provide the warranty service directly, the retailer will arrange for the collection of the frame (or if necessary the bicycle) and shipment to Bianchi for repair, as well as taking care of the subsequent return of the product to the end customer. Within the limits allowed by law, the shipping costs will be borne by the applicant for the warranty service and will be reimbursed by Bianchi only upon specific request and subject to documentation proving the amount paid, provided that the operation of this Conventional Warranty has been recognised. In the event of a repair or replacement request relating to which the non-operation of the Conventional Warranty is ascertained, Bianchi will inform the applicant of the cost of the intervention before carrying it out. In any case, the costs for returning the frame (defective or repaired) to the buyer will be borne by the latter.

In the event that the buyer contacts a Retailer different from the one where the frame was purchased and/or assembled, such Retailer may refuse to take responsibility for handling the case. If the Retailer different from the one where the product was purchased accepts to handle the case, they may request additional costs from the buyer, which will be entirely borne by the latter.


This Conventional Warranty only covers original conformity defects of the frames and is provided exclusively in favour of buyers who qualify as consumers, meaning any natural person who acts for purposes not related to their commercial, industrial, artisanal, or professional activity. The Conventional Warranty does not cover the costs of processing for the replacement of the frame with a new one (e.g. labour costs for frame replacement). These costs will be quantified for the buyer before performing the warranty service. 

The Conventional Warranty also excludes all damages resulting from: normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, use of corrosive products, transport, accidents, improper use, abuse or negligence, aesthetic defects not reported to the Retailer at the time of frame purchase, incorrect assembly of accessories, modification of the frame by adding or modifying unauthorised components, use according to an incorrect intended purpose, colour alterations and/or deterioration of decals and stickers (due to environmental/climate effects and/or other harmful agents). The duration of this Conventional Warranty will be calculated exclusively from the date of the first purchase of the frame. Consequently, following the repair or replacement of the frame, the duration of the Conventional Warranty will remain unchanged and a new warranty period for the repaired or replaced frame will not begin. If it is acknowledged that the frame needs to be replaced under this Conventional Warranty, Bianchi will have the option to deliver a similar frame of equal value or with equal technical characteristics to the buyer if the same frame is no longer available and/or in production.