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A pure endurance machine.

The Infinito answers a need among road cyclists for a fast bike you feel like you could ride forever.

What makes a great endurance bike? The ability to ride for hours in comfort, while also moving fast. And of course, the platform to enjoy the pure essence of cycling – whether you're riding solo, with your partner or a group of friends.
The new Infinito takes the proven endurance geometry introduced with the flagship Infinito CV and combines it with integrated cabling to create one of the most appealing bikes in the game.

Integrated cabling

The new Infinito features full internal cabling from the cockpit to the rear triangle. This creates a graceful and more efficient machine to power you through countless kilometres.

A geometry for all

Our endurance geometry has been validated over many thousands of hours in the saddle by cyclists across the world using their bikes to enjoy amazingly diverse rides. The endurance category is broad, but this geometry always gets the job done, for both men and women. A higher headtube creates a more forgiving ride position, one you won't mind maintaining for many hours in the saddle.

Two colour finishes

The iconic celeste colourway employs a striking deep green-blue for the lettering and decals, a counterpoint to the storied sky shade of the rest of the frame. The contrast is simple and elegant.

The second treatment in which the Infinito is offered is a deep lustrous purple, with matte black decals and Bianchi wordmark. It is a more contemporary colourway, but with the same pared-back refinement.

Competitive specifications

The new Infinito completes and updates Bianchi's endurance range, sitting just below the high-end Infinito CV model engineered with vibration cancelling CV system. It claims one of the most competitive specifications in the endurance category. There are, in fact, three to choose from.

Fast wheels

The new Infinito features Velomann Palladium 33 carbon wheels on the top-tier build, as weel as the mid-tier option. The baseline model is equipped with Velomann aluminum
wheels (33m profile).

Saddle comfort

Bianchi equips the new Infinito with the Velomann Mitora 139 saddle.

Upgradable Performance

The Infinito is fully compatible with Bianchi's new carbon fibre integrated handlebar, the same bar currently seen on our elite Specialissima all-rounder bike, as developed by Reparto Corse. This allows you to further augment your experience and boost the performance of your Infinito.

Size & Frame Geometry