24 June 2019

Bianchi Lif-E: a new approach to e-mobility

A new generation of Bianchi e-bikes led by the T-Tronik e-MTB family. Seventeen new models as part of the new world of Bianchi electric intelligence

When more than 130 years of tradition and experience meet innovation in pursuit of inspiration, the outcome is always exciting. Bianchi is proud to introduce Lif-E, its new electric mobility program. Lif-E is much more than a new e-bike product range for Bianchi – it’s a new world, one that mirrors new lifestyles and mobility trends.

“This is a meaningful and exciting moment for Bianchi,” CEO Fabrizio Scalzotto says. “Bianchi Lif-E is not just a new e-Bike range that sets our new positioning in the pedal-assisted market, it is a new life philosophy, involving alternative mobility, new trends, health, innovation and wellness.”

“Lif-E targets a new public, people who think of cycling as part of a lifestyle with which they identify, a result of their vision of life. The Bianchi Lif-E models are ready to position themselves at every level of the e-bike market, but in this case the bikes are just the beginning of the story.”

Bianchi presents 17 new models (2020 collection) that express the Lif-E philosophy: the T-Tronik e-MTB family (Performer, Rebel, Sport), and the e-Spillo City-Trekking family (Active, Luxury, Classic, City). The Long Island model, introduced by Bianchi in early 2019, is also part of the Lif-E world, now presented in the new additional black colour.

The match of human and machine

Behind Bianchi Lif-E lies a vision, a future of human-machine interaction. A connection to enhance and further develop the potential of each component, an augmented humanity.

The pillars of the Lif-E project are conscious travel, safety & wellbeing, technology and transparency. The goal is to make the world a better place through sustainable mobility, a mission to which e-Bikes are integral.

The T-Tronik family: e-MTB with a sportive soul

Bianchi’s spirit of innovation has endured throughout its incomparable history. In the first half of the last century, thanks to its background in auto and motors, Bianchi was the pioneer in matching bicycle frames with engines, creating the first motored velocipedes. Today, Bianchi is proud to introduce a new e-motor unit made in Italy, debuting in the innovative T-Tronik family.

T-Tronik is the new generation of Bianchi e-MTBs. With Bianchi heritage built around a modern motor the T-Tronik powers into the electric-assist era. Bianchi launches the T-Tronik family with three models:

  • T-Tronik Performer
    T-Tronik Performer is the flagship e-MTB from Bianchi. This full suspension bike, with carbon frame, is designed for the demanding rider who pushes themselves and their bike to the limit. A 630Wh enhanced battery keeps you riding all day long, while the Shimano Steps E8000 motor provides three modes of power output.
  • T-Tronik Rebel
    For the trail centre rider, the T-Tronik Rebel is the perfect companion. With the ability to go all day and eat up whatever you throw at it, it will be ready to go at any time. Also benefitting from that incredible 630Wh battery, this aluminum full-suspension model uses Bianchi’s own e-MTB-tuned Bianchi Motor Unit.
  • T-Tronik Sport
    T-Tronik Sport is the ideal choice for someone looking to ride their first trails. The pedal assist allows you to ride more trails and have more fun. Using Bianchi’s own made-in-Italy Motor Unit with five different output levels from 50%-400% additional assist this is a brilliant bike for everybody to ride their own way.

The e-Spillo family: the city is meant to be discovered

In addition to T-Tronik, Bianchi introduces the new e-Spillo city-fitness family. Getting around the city and heading on weekend getaways is as easy as flicking a switch.

The e-Spillo family features four models: Active, Luxury, Classic and City, all of them characterised by long-lasting batteries, comfortable geometries and timeless style. The updated Long Island model, with Bianchi motor unit, also joins Bianchi’s e-city category.


The new Bianchi Lif-E models will soon be available through the Bianchi official dealer network:

  • T-Tronik Performer: coming November 2019
  • T-Tronik Rebel: July 2019
  • T-Tronik Sport: July 2019
  • Long Island: immediately available (new black colour way from October 2019)
  • e-Spillo range: immediately available
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