Introducing Specialissima Giro105

Limited Edition

Rise above expectations and celebrate the relentless ambition that has driven champions in the Giro d’Italia for over a century. Bianchi has created a limited edition of unique Specialissima frame kits to mark 105 enthralling editions of the Giro.

To honour the number of editions, we have built just 105 of this Specialissima frame, painted to reflect the wonders of Italy, the great beauty. The extraordinary Giro d’Italia aesthetic creates an immediate connection between Italy’s greatest race and this awesome example of frame design.

The Specialissima Giro105 frame is designed to make one of the rarest bikes in the world, with ownership confering a place in a rarefied category of exacting cyclists and collectors who celebrate the sport. Every frame will be numbered on the top tube, from 001 to 105, further emphasising the unique nature of your bike.

Riding Style

Designed for

Pro riders looking for a complete race machine: a light bike with a superbly stiff frame.

Riding Conditions

Riding on paved roads.









Daily use

Join the Elite

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exclusive limited edition. The Specialissima Giro105 frame kit will be available from April 15th, 2022 – 5 PM CET exclusively on, only for a limited time and only for the first 105 enthusiasts.

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The 105 owners of Specialissima Giro105 will be able to refer to our Bianchi authorized dealers to complete their experience and set up their frame with the finest components to achieve the best performance ever.

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Rare pigments

The design of this bike, hand painted in Italy, pays homage to the most wonderful parts of our beautiful country.

To ride the Specialissima Giro105 is to take with you a thousand connotations, to flash by in a haze of evocative colours and tones. The white of the frame, our Bianco Corsa, provides the perfect natural, neutral backdrop for this riot of redolent hues, it’s the colour of the finish line and the riders’ names drawn all over the road in chalk.

Enrosadira Shade

The detailing on the fork and frame is picked out in Bianchi’s own specially-created shade of Enrosadira. It is the colour of light in the Dolomites at dawn or dusk, when the peaks seem to blaze in reds, golds and especially pink: the colour of the Giro.

Endless Pride

A representation of the Giro’s Trofeo senza Fine (Endless Trophy) proudly adorns the Specialissima Giro105’s fork. An enduring symbol of excellence, perseverance and that most elusive characteristic, the burning desire to win of a champion.

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Pinnacle of performance

Bianchi’s Reparto Corse has put everything it knows about road racing into the Specialissima, to create an ultralight racing weapon. It explodes up mountains, handles beautifully on the descents, and tackles rolling terrain with ease.

With sublime performance across the board, it’s time to reach your own pinnacle. This is the bike for exceptional individuals.

Frame Kit

Specialissima Limited Edition

The Specialissima Giro105 weighs just 750g, making it the perfect climber’s frame. It is also superbly-stiff, providing excellent transfer of the rider’s power to the road, with a level of responsiveness our most exigent riders love.

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Welcome to the 105 club

Owners of this limitededition bike will receive a few special mementos to celebrate the 105th Giro, and the Specialissima Giro105 created for it.

A storied legacy

A sleek gift box will contain a detailed booklet, with knowledge on the Specialissima and Bianchi’s intertwined history with Italy’s great race, the Giro. From Pantani to Coppi, the bicycles of Bianchi’s Reparto Corse have dominated Italy for decades. Learn more with this carefully curated leaflet.

Membership of the 105

An exclusive alloy member’s card, featuring your name and your Specialissima Giro105’s frame number will also be included. This is a declaration of the purely limited number of frames made to this specification and your integration into part of Bianchi’s history.

Rare pigments

You will also receive a display box containing a piece of Enrosadira. Enrosadira is the name of the colour specially created to paint your frame; a single drop of Enrosadira is enclosed, kept especially for you.

Timeless Maglia Rosa

Finally, own the most iconic piece of Italian racing apparel, the legendary Maglia Rosa, a jersey worn by the most legendary of Bianchi champions. The pink jersey holds decades of Giro heritage and may just inspire you to create your own personal cycling history

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