Aria 2021 Collection

Bianchi introduces the Aria 2021 collection which includes three paint schemes to feature on its aerodynamic Aria and Aria E-Road frames.

2021 Aria colourways represent a new approach from Bianchi, utilising cleaner lines for a sleeker, more streamlined aesthetic. Innovative and atypical approaches show Bianchi has moved into a new phase, with an eye on fashion trends for more complex paintwork and an innate Italian sense of style.

Three colourways each with its own mystique

Iridescent, for the rider who lives to be the focus

Not one colour but many, this finish was created exclusively in-house by Bianchi’s expert designers and painters. A strong statement that ensures all eyes are on the rider and their bike, celeste, grey, green, pink and violet are all present dependent on how light hits the frame. Iridescent is available on either the Aria or Aria E-Road.

Celeste CK16, for the Bianchi purist

To some there is no other colour for a Bianchi bike than Celeste, and for them we present this new iteration of the Aria and Aria e-Road. Black inserts at crucial points on the frame create a visual contrast, with the new cleaner, more technical Aria logo also executed in black. 

5K - CK16 Celeste/Black
Black, for that stealth aesthetic

Executed in all-black with metal graphite detailing, this colourway is all about keeping the mystery alive. The new Aria logo is executed on the top tube by the seat cluster in the same metal graphite, as well as the timeless Bianchi marque on the down tube. This colourway is exclusive to the Aria. 

2R - Black/Graphite

Aria e-ROAD

PZ - SUmmertime dream/Black
5K - CK16 Celeste/Black