FICO Eataly World

The Italian excellence from field to fork

Bianchi is proud to be official partner of FICO Eataly World project

FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina – Italian Farming Factory) Eataly World is the culture of high quality food, the beauty of biodiversity of the Italian agri-food business and the expertise and knowledge of those who have always worked for the excellence of Italian food and wines. Everything in a unique place.

Fabbrica Italiana Contadina aims at becoming the reference venue for the dissemination of knowledge on Italian food and wines, the meeting place for all those who love food and wish to discover its secrets and traditions, on the lookout for information and unique experiences.

The home of FICO Eataly World project is the CAAB – Centro Agro Alimentare in Bologna, 80.000 squared meters theme park with cultivation, farm, market area, restaurants and congress center. A place where values are produced, even before produce and products. A site for food and environmental education, where everyone could experience the rich heritage of our country. CAAB shall be a place where to study and to make practical experiences, where to come in contact with every single stage of the production chain.

The presence of Bianchi, as an excellence of Italian industry and design, perfectly matches the FICO project, focused on the biodiversity of the Italian agricultural system and eco-sustainable mobility. No less than 500 innovative Shopping Bikes, specifically developed by Bianchi, are available to the FICO visitors to comfortably stroll and shop around along the park’s cycle path. The Bianchi Shopping Bike is the first “three-wheeled bike” featured with hydraulic disc brakes, projected for urban mobility and shopping, equipped with wooden basket to easily and safely carry loads. A new way of shopping, in the name of sustainability and healthy living.

Photo cover credits: Guido Rubino