25 September 2017

Aria seat clamp wrong assembly

Dear Dealer,
Bianchi’s internal test laboratory has recently detected a possible error on seat clamp assembly of our Aria road bike model.

In some samples, the top part of seat clamp could have be installed in reversed position; this issue could compromise the seat clamp functionality making difficult to place the saddle in 0° position and, more important, can lead to a not properly working seat clamp’s screws with a dangerous overstress.

Wholesalers, distributors and dealers shall check all bicycles in their stock before final customer delivery and, if necessary, disassemble and re-assemble the seat clamp in the right position (see attached pictures).

We appreciate your effort and support to manage this small issue. Safety and reliability are equal to the performance we design into every Bianchi bicycle.

Bianchi Customer Service

Aria Seat Clamp Safety Warning Communication_English