15 September 2017

Carbon forks recall

Treviglio, September 15, 2017 (Latest Update)

Dear Consumer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Dealer,
We have worked as fast as possible to provide and deliver a safe solution and replacement forks are now beginning to be delivered. We expect to deliver a significant quantity during September, however, based upon recent updates, delivery of forks will likely continue into October.
We understand and apologize for your extreme inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.  No company can  be fully prepared with back up supply when faced with a recall decision. The safety of our products is our highest priority and therefore, it was our judgement and decision to inform you from the moment we understood the problem; even if replacement forks were not immediately available.
We appreciate your decision to ride a Bianchi bicycle and also the urgency of your situation.


Treviglio, August 04, 2017

Dear Consumer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Dealer,
Bianchi is doing everything possible to provide replacement forks ASAP.  After further evaluation, we confirm that replacement forks will begin to become available in limited quantities by the end of August 2017 and we anticipate that the full quantity identified in our voluntary recall can be provided by the end of September 2017.  We understand the inconvenience this is causing to you and we sincerely appreciate your patience.  We assure you that safety is our first priority and we are doing everything possible to accelerate replacement of affective forks.


Treviglio, July 27, 2017

Dear Consumer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Dealer,
Bianchi’s internal test laboratory has recently detected a possible defect in the forks of a limited quantity of 2017 model year: Infinito CV, Infinito CV Dama Bianca, Intenso and Intenso Dama Bianca (non disc version) bikes and framesets. The failure could result in serious injury to the rider. The consumer must immediately stop to use their bike and return it to their Bianchi Dealer.
For this reason, we are recalling and replacing forks from model year 2017. Forks affected can be identified from the photos below. If you have a model that is not the same as appears in the below photo’s then you can continue to use the bicycle without any problem.
Wholesalers, distributors and dealers must stop selling all bicycles that are affected and contact consumers of sold bicycles to inform them and schedule to replace their forks with new forks we will provide to you. You will be contacted by our customer service department to inform you of the delivery details of replacement forks. It is important that you return all replaced forks to Bianchi for our evaluation and control.
Safety and reliability are equal to the performance we design into every Bianchi bicycle and we apologize for your inconvenience.  We are conducting continuous testing to ensure your safety and the intended performance of our products.


Bianchi Customer Service

Tel. 0080023042013 for Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, Poland and Spain

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