22 December 2016

Full carbon forks wrong assembly

Dear Bianchi Consumer,
Bianchi is issuing an important and urgent safety warning for complete bicycle and frame set models with a carbon steerer tube (full carbon fork).

It has come to our attention that some bicycles, especially but not limited to Sempre Pro and Intenso have not been assembled according to normally expected procedures and this could result in catastrophic failure, leading to serious injury.

Bianchi has recently learned that stem assembly’s on some bicycles with a full carbon steerer tube may have been incorrectly assembled with spacers above the stem totaling more than 5 mm.  Bianchi is requiring all consumers that are using bicycle stem assembly’s with this configuration on a full carbon fork to immediately stop using your bicycle and inspect your fork for damage and proper installation.


If your stem assembly was already properly assembled according to the correct the method, there is no reason to be concerned that your fork maybe damaged and you can continue to use your bicycle without any problem. Regardless of your stem assembly method, we take this opportunity to request that you study and follow the attached instructions for proper stem assembly and check your fork periodically for any damage or wear.

If you have stem assembly’s with spacers totalling more than 5 mm above the stem please perform the following procedure. Please remove your stem, spacer and compression device and disassemble the fork from the frame.  Check the  fork for a possible wear mark or horizontal cut in the carbon fiber material in the front, lower position of where the stem is attached to the fork.
If you have damage, please contact us at the below number or your Bianchi dealer to obtain a replacement fork which should be reassembled on your bicycle according to the attached instructions showing the correct assembly method.

If you are a Bianchi consumer and are not able or confident to provide this required inspection yourself, please bring your bicycle to a Bianchi dealer who can provide this service for you. It is important that you return all damaged forks to Bianchi for our evaluation and control.

All Bianchi products are designed to be safe if assembled and used property. We reassure you that all Bianchi frames and forks are thoroughly and continuously tested and meet required international safety standards.  Safety and reliability are equal to the performance we design into every Bianchi bicycle.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this important and urgent safety warning and we appreciate your decision to purchase a Bianchi bicycle.

Bianchi Customer Service

Tel. 0080023042013 for Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, Poland and Spain

See Distributors list here for other Countries