3 August 2018

Impulso E-Road/E-Allroad Motor Unit BB Axle

Treviglio, Friday, August 3, 2018 


Dear Consumer,

We are pleased to inform you that, because of Polini’s urgent attention and response, we have been able to improve our recovery time:
– Bianchi Customer Service has now already delivered all repair kits to our Bianchi Dealers and Distributors together with the instructions for installation.
– We again ask all consumers to bring their E Impulso bicycles immediately to their local Bianchi dealer to have this kit installed.
– After the installation of this repair kit, consumers can begin to use their bicycle safely (except as previously informed, the motors must be completely replaced for the bicycles with the serial numbers noted below).
– Replacement motors and a tutorial video (here the link) are now being provided to our Bianchi Dealers for the bicycles that require the motor to be completely replaced.


Thank you for your continued patience, we are again sorry for your inconvenience.

Bianchi Customer Service




Treviglio, Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dear Consumer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Dealer,

The Polini Engineering Department has recently detected a defect concerning the BB axle of their motor.  This defect could cause the axle to break, resulting in a separation of the crank arm from the axle and could cause injury and/or a loss of control.
Bianchi is voluntarily recalling these E-bikes and we are working with Polini to provide a repair kit that after installation will allow the continued use of all bikes except the bicycles with the serial numbers noted below (for these serial numbers the motor must be completely replaced). This kit will arrive at your local dealer by the end of July with instructions for installation that we received from Polini.
All consumers who purchased Impulso E-Road YNBN6I and Impulso E-Allroad YNBN7I models must immediately stop using their bike and return it to their local Bianchi dealer to obtain and install a correction kit.
All Bianchi dealers are therefore required to suspend the sale of the models involved and promptly contact their customers who have the above models to inform them to return their bikes for correction.  Dealers should inspect the axle and any motors with axles that are visually cracked must be completely replaced and cannot be corrected with the kit.

Safety and reliability are equal to the performance we design into every Bianchi bicycle and we apologize for your inconvenience.  We are conducting continuous testing to ensure your safety and the intended performance of our products.


Bianchi Customer Service