The new e-Impulso

Sustainable  E-Mobility for Road, Gravel and Tourer

Whether you’re riding to work, for fitness, or using the bike as a way to explore the world, the new e-Impulso models from Bianchi present sustainable e-mobility solutions for all types of riders. The new e-Impulso road, gravel and tourer models represents a trio of versatile e-bikes at home on the road, or light trails.

smart motor unit

The placement of the eBikemotion® X35 PLUS motor unit in the rear wheel distributes the weight of the battery and motor more evenly across the bike, leading to a more stable and comfortable ride. An iWOC One remote control is included so riders can command their own riding experience with three assistance levels. The X35 Plus unit is complemented by a 250Wh battery which charges quickly in 3.5/4 hours and permits up to 1,200 metres of elevation gain in one charge. The motor and battery unit combined weighs only 3.5kg.

special aluminum frame

All three models make use of a renewed version of the Impulsos hydroformed aluminum frame, with mudguard eyelets and mounting points for a rear carrier rack. All three also make use of a full-carbon Bianchi fork, for lightweight precision control.

road: inspire every rider

The e-Impulso road is an incredibly versatile e-road bike, and it is not limited to use solely on the tarmac. Wide tyre clearances of up to 40mm with 700c wheels allow riders to travel off the beaten path without restriction. The Impulso E-Road comes in classic Bianchi celeste with timeless black graphics.


The e-Impulso gravel takes the mixed-terrain enjoyment of the road model to the next level.Wide tyre clearances inspire confidence on rooty trails, as well as vastly improving comfort on the tarmac. The e-Impulso gravel is a bicycle for those who demand more out of their machine and expect all-round excellence for their daily riding.


The e-Impulso tourer is more than just a touring bike. It’s fast, nimble and ready for any fitness challenge. The e-Impulso tourer is a truly versatile machine, at home on trails, fitness rides or the morning commute – yes, it’s a touring bike, but redesigned as an intelligent, sophisticated solution to modern movement. In pursuit of comprehensive functionality, the e-impulso tourer comes equipped with front and rear lights, so riders can enjoy their travels any time of day or night. A rear carrier is included, which can accommodate loads of up to 15kg, perfect for travelling or shopping. Mudguards protect the rider from rain and mud on the front and rear of the bike. All of this comes in an exquisite black/titanium matte colourway.