The power of lightweight

The new all-rounder machine

Totally re-engineered with the all-rounder in mind, the Specialissima helps you fly up the climbs and dominate on the flat. The carbon disc frame is light, just 750g, so none of your climbing power is wasted when the road turns upward, but it’s also superbly-stiff providing excellent transfer of that power to the road. The new Specialissima is designed for WorldTour professionals but it is also your complete racing bike.

The carbon disc frame is light, just 750g.

The overall look might be classic but make no mistake.

With enhanced climbing, improved stopping power courtesy of disc brakes and smoother aerodynamic performance, it’s a new pure racing machine, bearing a name that has become iconic.

All-round excellence

The Specialissima sits at the top of our road racing all-rounder category, delivering the same climbing panache you know and love, but with boosted aero-performance and a level of stiffness rarely seen on a bike this light.

The carbon disc frame weighs just 750g and the stiffness to weight ratio is what WorldTour riders really love. 

Bianchi CV vibration cancelling system amplifies the ride feel, erasing imperfections and enhancing control when you go downhill.

For those aero improvements, we employed innovations devised for the prolific Oltre aero platform, with better integration, sharper lines and aero-shaped tubes. Details that make a massive improvement to your ride.

An aggressive race machine with epic climbing power, the Specialissima harnesses the power of lightweight.