Bianchi inaugurates new factory

Bianchi has entered a new phase in the company’s glorious history today, Tuesday, June 4, 2024. A new factory was officially inaugurated — the result of urban renewal, conducted in collaboration with the City of Treviglio, of the building on Via delle Battaglie in Treviglio, which has housed Bianchi’s headquarters for more than 50 years.

“I am proud of this new factory that best represents the innovative spirit of Bianchi,” said Cavaliere del Lavoro Salvatore Grimaldi“Despite the challenges the bicycle industry is currently facing, today we are inaugurating one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world. The new plant also represents a symbol of resilience. We have invested not only in a factory, but in our new home — this is a sign of the enormous confidence we have in our people, our brand, and our products. The future of Bianchi starts here.”

The new factory, which was completed in 24 months, positions Bianchi among the very first companies in Italy aligned with Industry 5.0 standards, thanks to the use of sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge solutions that put people at the center.

The new production line boasts a manufacturing capacity of 500 bicycles per shift and was built according to innovative operating logic and productivity processes developed by Bianchi. Each position on the production line has been fully digitized, thus eliminating all material handling steps in favor of greater efficiency.

The new factory also has a green ethos, thanks to a 500 Kw photovoltaic system that provides energy autonomy during the summer period. The indoor temperature is constantly around 23°C, and all plant management functions are automatically controlled.

The project has been keenly focused on the well-being of employees, including an ergonomic evaluation of workstations, a study of work phases with the help of advanced technologies, and the creation of an in-house academy for ongoing staff training.

What’s more, Bianchi’s new showroom — also located on the newly renovated premises — includes its most iconic historical models.

Servizio fotografico presso il nuovo impianto produttivo Bianchi di Treviglio realzizato da Baraclit


“I have had the privilege to work with Marco Gentili for some years and he has been a highly appreciated consultant to Grimaldi Industry AB. Marco has done a great job for me in China; he knows the country well and is fluent in Mandarin. He has been with Bianchi since December 20, 2023, is already involved in the company, and has a very good understanding of Bianchi. Now he’s been appointed as CEO of Bianchi, and I am confident that he’ll do a great job by further developing the company,” said Salvatore Grimaldi.

Born in Rome on July 3, 1963, Gentili has extensive managerial experience both nationally and internationally in the world of industry. His career highlights count such distinctions as president and CEO of WAM Group for greater China and South Korea, as well as at Koerber Schleifring China. Back to WAM Group after that, Gentili was vice president of business development for the Nordic nations and Baltic region, and then CEO for North America. As of 2016, he became the founder and managing partner of Deucalion Management Consulting.

“I am proud to join the Bianchi family at this very significant stage, one in which Bianchi 5.0 is born,” said Bianchi’s new CEO, Marco Gentili. “It will be a privilege to lead this company into the future. The new factory represents not only a symbol of inspiration and innovation, but it will enable us to compete at the highest levels of the market through process efficiency. We have ambitious goals, and this new factory will help us achieve them.”

The Domus architectural firm designed the new headquarters. The work was done by Baraclit construction and by Antonelli Impianti, which oversaw the mechanical and electrical systems.

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