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Configure your E-Omnia

“OMNIA” means “EVERYTHING” and there is an E-Omnia for every type of rider.

E-Omnia is the new family of Bianchi high-performance e-bikes to meet the needs of every type of riders: from travellers and tourists, to urban commuters and experienced mountain bikers.

E-Omnia is the next step in Bianchi’s electric revolution. A solution to help people move better and smarter through their lives, with zero CO2 emission.

One bike,
Three Different Worlds.

What started with the e-SUV, our flagship electric model, now extends to a range of performance aluminum bikes for all.

Within the E-Omnia platform we have created three different worlds:

City, Tourer and MTB.


C Type

C Type model, representing the City range, it’s the perfect e-bike for commuting. With a stylish look and feel, it makes the commute both smart and safe.

The C Type strives for reliability in all conditions regardless of the clothes the user choose to wear.

  • User support

    Up to 340%

  • Battery

    500 or 625Wh

  • Autonomy

    up to 110km

  • From

    3.320 €


T Type
FT Type

The Tourer range, the T Type, it’s designed to be versatile and completely meet the needs of weekend trekkers and city riders – and then go a little bit further.

It features full and front suspension models that can handle anything from smooth asphalt to light gravel. Tourer range is the first choice for fitness, commuting, or just riding for pleasure.

  • User support

    Up to 340%

  • Battery

    500, 625 Wh or Dual battery

  • Autonomy

    up to 195km(w/dual battery)

  • From

    3.370 €


X Type
FX Type

With a trail full suspension bike and an hardtail bike, the X Type collection is dedicated to riders who love to shred trails and seek out fun on two wheels.

Our e-mountain bikes have more than enough ‘juice’ for a full day exploring the backwoods, and enough assistance on steep climbs to get bikers back to the top of the hill.

  • Torque


  • Battery

    500, 625 Wh or Dual battery

  • Autonomy

    up to 142km(w/dual battery)

  • From

    3.450 €

Your Omnia Experience

The e-Omnia platform harnesses pioneering technology. Our guiding principles are design, function and integration – with a constant focus on how we can improve the rider’s experience.

Visible safety

Integrated lights at the front, sider and rear are a key feature of e-Omnia family, allowing the rider to see and be seen everywhere. The integrated front and rear lights put out 40 Lux, for an impressive visibility-range of 100 metres, and visibility to others at 500 metres.

  • Integrated Lights
  • 100 Meters Sight
  • 500 Meters Visibility

Smart Performance

The advanced Bosch motor unit is available to reduce stress and make long rides more fun. High capacity integrated batteries supply more than enough ‘gas’ in the ‘tank’ to help users achieve their riding goals.


City and Tourer e-bikes come with a specifically designed rear carrier system, which is integrated with the frame and comes equipped with hooks for panniers and a child seat. So the e-Omnia can be a touring bike, a commuting tool or the school bus – or all three at the same time.

ABS Control

The ABS option available on selected models enhances the rider’s safety and their feeling of control on the road or trail.

E-Omnia presented by Nico Rosberg

We have to change the way we move, the way we live. We must protect the planet and build a sustainable future.

Bianchi has made it their mission to change the way we move around.

I believe in a greener world of e-mobility, and that e-bikes are part of the solution.

That’s why I choose Bianchi e-Omnia.

Nico Rosberg

3d configurator

Design your vision

Bianchi takes a rider-first approach, placing the user at the centre of the design process.

We developed an online configurator for the e-Omnia, so each individual can create their own e-bike, perfectly suited to his or her needs.

Every model has two standard colourways, but the user can also choose from one of five options in the Signature Collection.

Choose your e-Omnia and make it yours.

Which type are you?

E-Omnia configurator is available in selected countries only. Verify the availability with authorized dealer.