Bianchi Lif-e presents e-SUV: the new generation of e-bikes designed with user interaction in mind.

more than a revolution

Bianchi sets a new standard for e-bikes

Human-machine interaction reaches a new threshold with Bianchi e-SUV. Bianchi’s vision on the future of mobility takes shape in an innovative bike concept with disruptive design converting into function.

One model. Three versions.

Bianchi e-SUV family consists of three full carbon models: Racer, Rally and Adventure, all powered by a Shimano drive unit and 720Wh battery. All three models come in size M, L and XL.

The e-SUV Racer benefits from a purity of purpose and industry-leading componentry, making it a true winner. It is designed for the hardcore racer, the rider who loves feeling the thrill of speed and conquering the toughest trails. One of its standout features is the integrated handlebar and stem system, designed in-house at Bianchi. 29er wheels are full-carbon, with Fox Factory Series suspension (150mm rear, 160mm front) and dropper post

The e-SUV Rally can take on anything and go all night. It is less about competition and more about exploration and enjoyment, and to that end it boasts integrated lights and fenders. The front light throws out 1,100 lumens with a 200m beam, more than enough for you to ride technical trails well into the night. The Rally also has a 29er front wheel paired with a 27.5 back wheel, providing great grip and comfort from the back, and letting you really throw your weight forward when you want more traction and precision.

The e-SUV Adventure was created for challenging off-road trails, but it can also handle urban riding with ease. Let the name of the model fuel the fires of your inspiration as you seek out new, uncharted routes. Like the Rally and the Racer, the Adventure has a Shimano motor and 720Wh battery – massive power and lifespan to truly unlock those far-flung places. It also boasts a full-carbon frame and integrated lights and fenders, just like the other members of the e-SUV family.


e-SUV stands for electric sports utility vehicle. It’s about going anywhere, following your spirit of adventure. It’s the bike that embodies the Bianchi Lif-E program of electric intelligence.

  • Create a new design and functionality for the best e-mobility
  • Improve the e-riding experience through human-machine interface
  • Support the cyclist to ride with style and safety
Development criteria

With the idea to create a new generation of e-bikes, Bianchi let design, integration and fuction to be the guides of its development process.


The design of Bianchi e-SUV is highly innovative. The full carbon frame shows edgy shaped triangles, inspired by the unique shape of the Dolomites to create a connection between nature and technology.


Carbon handlebar

Bianchi e-SUV’s handlebar is designed as a single lightweight carbon element with integrated cable system. The design of the handlebar can be completed with an extension that features additional control systems such as GPS and battery level.


The Bianchi e-SUV is powered by a 720Wh full integrated battery. The battery cover features a unique cooling system inspired by self-ventilated facades in modern architecture. It works as a forced air vertical duct that prevents the engine and the battery from overheating.

An intake allows the fresh air to enter from the top. The fresh air flows through an internal duct above the battery and escapes from the bottom. This flow works as a vacuum system and reduces the heat of both the battery and the motor.



Front and rear lights

Attention to rider’s safety and well-being is key to the Bianchi Lif-e project. With this in mind we have designed the new e-SUV with integrated front, side and rear led lights, designed in cooperation with Spanninga. The advantages are improved visibility during night time and the opportunity to see and be seen with low light conditions when riding in the mountains or commuting in the city.

Asymmetrical Swing arm

Besides assuring an aesthetic advantage, the asymmetrical carbon swing arm prevents chainstay damages and decreases the noise from the chain hitting the frame.