30 May 2020

Bianchi fosters new mobility era with Lif-E

The Covid-19 emergency has accelerated the World’s transition towards a new healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with a central role for smart mobility: a vision anticipated by Bianchi’s Lif-E project 

In a few years, the World will look back at 2020 and the Covid-19 as arguably a defining moment of our era. As the populations gradually progress towards the restart, it becomes more and more evident how such juncture will leave profound marks on the way people conduct their lives – with mobility as a standout matter.

In 2019, the launch of the Bianchi Electric Intelligence programme Lif-E had introduced an innovative vision on mobility and lifestyle. E-bikes as means for transportation represent a central element of Bianchi’s vision, built on three pillars: sustainability, well-being and innovation. Less than a year later, such a scenario has become much more than a virtuous goal and ambition, but rather an immediate perspective as the whole society tries to rebuild itself under new premises.

In this recovery phase, we are convinced that bike economy can play a key role and Bianchi wants to leave a mark in this moment of significant changes. People are at the heart of the Lif-E project so they can better interact with their bikes and improve their lives, making them more sustainable, in particular for the benefit of the environment. This concept has reached a new dimension with the e-SUV model” said Bianchi CEO Fabrizio Scalzotto.

Much of the upcoming phase will be shaped on how the people and the cities will readapt their behaviours to new dynamics and rhythm. A process that is sure to require strategical thinking as much as a clear vision of the future based on mobility and well-being.

E-bikes are an important part of our future. Before the Covid-19 emergency, many people were rediscovering bikes as a means of transport – not only in the city, – in the coming months this process will accelerate. Bianchi Lif-E is the solution to the new mobility needs, combining humanistic vision with a range of e-bikes ideal for road, city and mountains”.

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